Cody Williams, also known as URAQT or Unicaw89, is a multi-talented professional entertainer who works with QT Entertainment, HotHeadBalloons, and is a Balloon Artist. He enjoys performing for children of all ages on QTentertainment.NET and sharing his knowledge with others through his YouTube channel, Cody leads a diverse life and has a diverse set of friends. He values his relationship with his Lord and personal savior, Jesus Christ, but does not define himself as "Christian" due to the judgment and condemnation that religions can teach. Instead, he focuses on loving everyone and spreading happiness and kindness. Cody's talents include unicycling, balloon artistry, juggling, and being an all-around goofy guy. He lives life like an adventure and always takes opportunities to gain experiences to share with others. With his hyper, happy, and funny personality, Cody is sure to brighten anyone's day.